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*With newly developed “smooth polymer” for a light finish with reduced stickiness and easy to wash.
*Contains moving rubber plasticizer that creates elastic and flexible (moving structure) hairstyles.
*Contains Panthenol that protects from damage and moisturizes hair; also Paraben free.
*Soft content that spreads and blends in well for creating movement.
*Easy to shape and can be reshaped indefinitely.
*Non-lingering & mild floral fragrance.



    Grunge Mat enables to create a matte, yet rough-looking style that keeps all day long. It's non-sticky, easy to apply and flexible for the desired look. 

    Grunge Mat Level

    Hair Length:


    Net Weight: 80g

    Gatsby Moving Rubber Grunge Mat

    Spiky Edge is a hard-holding styling product that is easy to blend and apply, creating defined hairstyles effortlessly. It fluently creates bunches and movement. Spiky Edge also holds up the hair if it is raised around the Mohawk line; No need to use a holding spray.

    Spiky Edge level

    Hair Length:


    Net Weight: 80g

    Gatsby Power Spikes Moving Rubber


1. Take an appropriate amount with fingertips and spread it evenly on palms.
2. For Grunge Mat:
Apply evenly on the back, front and top of the hair. Scrunch hair while moving hands forward to create a natural flow. Scrunch hair at the front and the back for a fluffy finish. Tidy the fringe by adjusting it to the shape of head.
3. For Spiky Edge:
Apply on hair, from the back to the front of the head. Interlace fingers and raise hair from the roots in an upward motion. Pinch hair at the front to create hair bundles. Create different hair bunches from bottom to top.