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This Is What Makes An Alpha Male. Are You One Of Them?

When you hear the words “alpha male”, what first comes to mind? A guy with a strong personality, overwhelming presence, someone who can make everyone follow him—an intimidating description really. 

What does it really mean to be an alpha male? We’d like to redefine that term because, you know, we like setting standards for gents like ourselves.

It’s simple: it’s about leading yourself and those you care about. He’s someone who knows his values and integrity while still dominating his own chosen path. 

The real alpha male is someone who has a strong will, but kind. Confident, but humble. Powerful, but tempered and calm. 

In this article, we’ll let you know what makes an alpha male. But, first let us know the facts and the myths. 

Alpha Male: Facts Vs Myths

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For sure when you hear the phrase “alpha male”, the first thing that comes to your mind is a ripped bodybuilder with a dose of arrogance. Or someone who has a model-like physique with an aura of superiority. To tell you the truth buddy, it’s definitely not just about that.

Myth: I’m the Boss! - Power tripper and difficult to work with.

Fact: Demonstrates leadership - someone who’s able to make an action not just the position.

Myth: Exudes arrogance - thinks he can manipulate everything.

Fact: Can control emotions - able to react properly and accordingly at any circumstances. 

Myth: Show off - only knows to brag about himself.

Fact: Has a purpose - has a sense of motivation and determination. 

Myth: Mr. Know it all - someone who thinks he’s superior to others in many ways. Prone to mansplaining.

Fact: Not afraid to make mistakes - courage to accept and learn from mistakes. Doesn’t assume to know more than others.

Myth: Model-like and ripped physique - has a narcissistic trait. 

Fact: Maintains his physical health - properly groomed and healthy.

Are You an Alpha Male?

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While these facts and myths can help you become one, there may be traits sleeping within you and waiting to be discovered for you to become a real-deal alpha male. Just to be clear buddy, you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be cool to rule the world—ring a bell? 

Seriously, there are ways on how to become an alpha male—you just need to sharpen it. Here are some of the traits that will define a true alpha male of 2020. 

Not afraid to make considerable decisions - You are decisive enough to weigh the pros and cons of your action. You’re able to think properly and assess the situation of both parties when making decisions. 

Ability to respectfully communicate what’s on his mind - You think there’s no room for arrogance. You have the capacity to deliver what’s on your mind without stepping into someone’s perspective. 

Aware of his strengths and weaknesses and uses it for good - You know yourself very well. You’re able to maximize your strengths by helping others and consider your weaknesses are just part of your learning curve.

Has a purpose and finds ways to impact his community - You are driven by your goals. You’re striving to achieve whatever it is in life. You want to make a difference and have a conscious effort to help others. 

Maintains physical health and appearance - You know the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene. You are able to act and look good at any occasion and situation along the way. This is no secret to GATSBY Gents like you. Why not ask a little help from your favorite GATSBY hair, face, and body care products to improve this part

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You see, it’s not just about being the coolest person in the class nor someone who has a fat bank account. To those who think they’re dominant towards others and those who are arrogant enough not to listen to others' opinions—that’s such an outdated alpha male definition!

However, if you’re able to define your purpose, work hard to achieve your goals whether big or small, and become the leader of your self—always remember this GATSBY Gents—you are an alpha!