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The Essential Guide To Being A Modern Gentleman

As the saying goes, “To be a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of choice.” These days, the word “gentleman” is a word that gets used a lot, right? Just another term for a guy, buddy, dude, or a man. But the truth is, it’s a word meant to distinguish a man who stands out from all other guys. 

So do you consider yourself a true gent? Rate yourself and see if you exhibit these 4 attributes of a true modern gentleman. Check out this guide to help equip yourself to be the best version of you—a fine, modern GATSBY gentleman. 


Man holding flowers

It’s all about good manners! Simply be nice and have that common sense to kindly deal with others—it could be towards a person, during occasions, or in a public environment. 

Here are 5 gentlemanly conduct you should observe: 

  • WHEN GOING OUT ON A DATE. offer to pay on the first date, but never insist. If she wants to go 50-50, the gentlemanly thing to do is to agree. We’re living in the 21st century, forget about gender politics.

  • OFFER YOUR SEAT. If you find yourself on the metro or the train, you should always be prepared to offer your seat to those who are physically challenged, pregnant or old. 

  • AT THE OFFICE. Observe and evaluate your work environment including your colleagues and superiors. Avoid potential subjective assumptions just by their roles in your organization. 

  • WHEN YOU’RE OUT & ABOUT. Be a responsible human being, you’re not the only person inside the coffee shop, cinema house, or mall. So control your temper if you see a situation that irritates your standards. Be a fully-grown adult man!

  • MANNERS WITH MATES. Whenever you’re with your pals, never ever poke fun at a friend to make yourself look good. Keep in mind that they are your closest friends so treat them with respect and kindness. A modern gentleman is able to take a moment to consider what consequences his words or actions might have.


Man in charge of a meeting

It’s not just about how you perform at school, but it’s about how you react and understand particular situations life throws at you.  A true modern gentleman can deliver and communicate himself clearly to others with confidence and grace. 

You’re able to politely express your stand and opinion to others so that you can share reliable information towards certain topics without arrogance. 


Man wearing a white polo

The rule of thumb is to “dress appropriately”. A true modern gentleman can present himself appropriately and to look presentable in any given situation. 

The type of clothing you should have highly depended on your routine. It is a must to have a proper set of clothing for a particular activity such as formal or business events whether in school or outside, office work, sports activities, down to a casual dinner, and even workout clothes. 

Remember, men's fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s about how you express yourself—properly and professionally. 


Man fixing his hair with a comb

Of course, a stylish man is a well-groomed man, it goes hand in hand. Personal grooming and men’s hygiene are important, especially when building a character.

At this point, you’re able to identify which male grooming products work for you. Also, the right choice of men’s hairstyle could affect your overall appearance. It doesn’t matter whether you have long or short hair, what matters is you know how to manage them using the right products. 

Lastly, a modern gentleman knows how to take care of himself—knows the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene

To continue becoming a true modern GATSBY Gent, always make it a goal to become the very best version of yourself. Whatever it is, life being a true modern gentleman has to be good and let your aura radiate a positive impact towards others. 

You’re not called a GATSBY Gent for no reason. Opening the car for your lady won’t make you a gentleman, but your overall behavior will.  While the true definition of being a gentleman is changing with the times, the 21st-century gentleman remains rooted in the tradition along with his values, morality, and honor. 

As a true modern gentleman, you’re able to inspire and motivate others to excel in whatever field they’re in.  You’re able to create a positive impact through your etiquette, intelligence, and the way you present yourself to others. 

Always remember that GATSBY’s got your back! Check out which GATSBY hair, face, and body care products you need to complete that modern gentleman look.