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Fine Hair Guide for Men: Hair Care, Products & Hairstyles

Do you have any problems with your fine hair? Fine hair might cause some problems especially with hairstyling such as when you are creating your hairstyle and whether it holds. We will introduce daily care, styling tips and products to solve your problems and hairstyles that enhance your charm. Your fine hair can be your strength once you find a way to deal with it!

Common Problems with Fine Hair

One of the most telltale characteristics of fine hair is that it’s relatively soft because it has no strength or elasticity. You may be struggling with hairstyling because of the characteristics of fine hair, especially when creating your hairstyle and keep it lasting the whole day.

1. Your Hair Won’t Stay Up

You may have trouble with your hair not staying up when you make your hairstyle because your hair is fine and soft.

2. Your Hair Won’t Hold Your Style

No matter how long you spend styling your hair in the morning, the style won't last through the day.

Possible reasons for these problems include:

  • ● Not enough pre-styling
  • ● Styling product is not suitable for your hair or not using the right amount
  • ● A hairstyle that’s not suitable for fine hair

Keep reading to find out what you can do about each of these problems!

How to Care for Your Fine Hair

Fine hair is soft and quickly falls flat, so styling can be difficult because the hair doesn’t have much holding power. However, daily care can make it easier to keep your hair styled and maintain a voluminous look.

Choose a Shampoo and Conditioner That’s Right for Your Hair to Remove Excess Oils

Even though you shampoo and condition your hair every day, it seems like it always becomes greasy. Naturally, fine hair can get greasier more quickly than other hair types, because of the oils travelling down the length of your hair. It makes styling and holding up your hair difficult and easy to lose the shape of your ideal style.

The oils produced by your scalp can become the cause of the hairstyling problems, so it is important to remove the oil from hair by washing your hair properly. A proper hair care regimen can improve unwanted greasiness.

For fine hair, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is simply not a good option. The reason for this is that while you may need to shampoo your hair regularly, it’s important to control the amount of conditioner that you use. Too much conditioner can add to the problem of having a greasy feel, so try experimenting with the quantity and frequency of when you apply conditioner in the shower. A shampoo that is formulated for fine hair would be a better choice.

Wash and rinse the oils with the proper products and start improving the condition of your fine hair!

Use Hairdryer Effectively Before the Hairstyling

It will be much easier to create your hairstyle by just blow-drying your hair in the right way. This also creates a fuller hairstyle. When you blow-dry, start from the roots to hold your hair up. The trick to making a fuller, voluminous style is to blow against the hair flow that you want to create.

A little ingenuity will help you to solve your hairstyling problems so give it a try!

The Secret to Using Styling Products? Go Light and Start Small

How to Choose Hair Styling Products: Go Light

There are many types of styling products to choose from: wax, pomade, hair spray, clay and so on. How do you choose from these products? Products with strong holding power may be the obvious choice, but they may not be the best solution for the hairstyling problems for fine hair.

For instance, you should consider lighter texture products. They are smooth, light, spread well and don’t create firm hair bundles. On the other hand, products with a heavier texture are hard and do not spread well, and may be difficult to apply it evenly to your hair, hence making your hair heavy. They can make it difficult to keep the hairstyle all day.

If you feel that a light-textured product doesn’t have enough holding power, consider using a hair spray to lock your hairstyle and shape!

Use Appropriate Amount: Start Small

The big secret to mastering hair products is to start with a small amount! Too often, men will start with a generous glob of hair product, realize they have too much, but then continue to lather it on just to avoid wasting it. If this is your approach, it’s time to stop—you could very well be sabotaging your hairstyle.

Start with a small amount and add more if necessary; it’s much easier to add more than it is to take too much.

Hairstyles for Men with Fine Hair

If you have tried the hair care advice above but you’re still not happy with the results, then it’s time to consider changing up your hairstyle.

However don’t forget to blow dry before styling, as well as daily hair care!


The comb-over is a classic look for men with fine hair. With a little attention each morning, this style is low maintenance while providing your hair with extra volume if desired. This stylish hairstyle is easy to make for those with fine hair since it does not require the hair to be lifted.

Apply a little bit of pomade to washed and dried hair, then part the hair to one side while combing the top across. To achieve more height to your hair, gently push the back of your hair forward.

Side Swept

While the side-swept cut appears to be the same style as the comb-over, it has a couple of important differences: a playfully messy look and a stylish fringe.

Find your natural part and sweep the fringe in that direction. As you dry it, go against the hair flow and create volume by lifting your hair upwards. Then work in a small amount of hair pomade followed by a bit of hair spray.

Swept Back

The swept-back does its magic by adding volume with its short sides and long swept-back front that’s held in place with a bit of product.

Pomade is the key to this look and stability. Apply the product to the outside of your hair and then run your hands through it. Use a wide-tooth comb to set your look and finish it with hair spray.

Short Quiff

A short quiff keeps the hair both short and textured, while still allowing for a fuller look with its defined hairline.

Before you apply the styling product, blow-dry your hair from the roots to lift your hair. To create this look, apply a dab of wax to your palms and gently work it through your hair, pushing it back and to the side. Finally, set the hairstyle using hair spray.

Short and Tousled

This style makes your hair fuller and volumised. You can master the tousled look by blow-drying from above in all directions while shaping the look with your free hand.

This is followed up with a small amount of wax to hold the look and a bit of hair spray to lock it in. As an additional tip, when using hair wax, you can create volume by lifting hair at the top using your fingers and pressing down your hair at the side.

Faux Hawk

Whether you start the fade at the ears or up a little higher, pairing it with a faux hawk (the less drastic cousin of the mohawk) can achieve a full, voluminous look that's modern and stylish, and easy to maintain.

Start by holding up your hair and blow-drying it, and apply a small amount of styling wax that has been rubbed between your hands to warm it up. Use your fingers to create the vertical shape by pushing the hair up and toward the middle. Hair spray is a great option to keep the style longer.

Crew Cut

If you would like to create a rugged, masculine look with your fine hair, the crew cut is one of the good choices.

The crew cut is a popular men’s hairstyle that has been around for decades. It features a short top with the strand length going from long to short starting at the hairline. By sporting a haircut that’s uniform and unassuming, you don't ever have to worry about your fine hair looking bad.


Undercuts of any shape or size are a great way to make your hair seem more voluminous. By buzzing or cutting the “under” portion of your hair short and leaving the top with more length, you give yourself the appearance of having fuller hair.

The important tip for this cut is that you become a regular at your barbershop to maintain the short back and sides. As for styling the top, that depends on what you pair the undercut with, but in general, avoid heavy greasy products if you have fine hair.

Enjoy Your Life with Fine Hair

By knowing how to properly care, choose and create a hairstyle that suits your fine hair, you will be able to solve your problems and build your own charm that others will be envious about.

Enjoy creating your own unique style!