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70 Top Haircuts for Men & Hairstyles You Need to Try In 2023

Most Popular Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men: Trending in 2023

As world trends evolve and change, so do men's hairstyles! In Asian countries, having an incredible haircut makes a man feel confident – and GATSBY, one of Asia’s most popular and trusted brands in the men’s cosmetics industry, understands this very well…

GATSBY diligently monitors men's hair trends, carefully examining what's trending in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Incredibly, they have been tracking market changes for a long time! The information gathered is used to craft tailored, luxurious (but still manly) hair care products that the modern man can enjoy.

This year, GATSBY expects to see a return of the mullet, curtain bangs, crop cuts, bowl cuts, curls, and ultra-short barber styles that serve as toned-down, more casual versions of classic styles from decades passed. This year, sea salt texturizing products will work very well for naturalistic styles, a combination that men (and women) will love.

Here are 71 hairstyles that the marketing team at GATSBY predicts will be big hits in 2023.

Modern Mullet - Popular from 2022

In 2023, we expect to see the comeback of this 2000s wolf-like hairstyle. The modern mullet differs from the classic mullet when you consider technicalities. The term “modern mullet” is much broader—it includes all mullet hairstyles widely adopted today, the modern era. It includes short and curtain mullet hair and women's mullet hairstyles.

You can expect plenty of modern mullet variations on both men and women in Asia this year.

Center Part Mullet, Curtain Mullet, Leaf Cut

Recognizable by its long, parted bangs that resemble a leaf motif, the leaf cut was popular in Korea last year and has grown in popularity across China and East Asia. It's a versatile look you can tweak to match whatever look you want to achieve, and it suits many face shapes.

Short Mullet

Also called the "Fade Mullet" and the "Barber Mullet," this is a mullet style in which the collar is only slightly longer than it would be if the wearer had the ever-popular fade cut. The overall length of this mullet is pretty short, making it business appropriate and easy to style.

Medium Mullet

The medium mullet has a specific length at the collar and on the top and sides of the head. Because of this medium-long length, the medium mullet is particularly popular with men passionate about fashion. You can style it in various ways, including curtain bangs.

Wavy/Curly Mullet

The wavy/curly mullet is just as versatile as the medium mullet. Style it with tight or loose curls, both of which will give the style a distinct look. Tight curls give the style a Western feel, while loose curls give more of the traditional loose mullet that Asian men have loved the past few years. You can achieve this mullet with naturally curly or wavy hair or hair styled with hot styling tools beforehand.

Very Short Barber

Coming out of the years of COVID lockdown and working from home, the very short barber style is easy to adopt and take from the home office to the corporate office. Unlike the old barberstyles, the very short style features a natural texture and shine instead of the ultra-glossy shine that typically comes from the product.

Ivy League Cut

The short barber style and its variations – including the ivy league cut- are expected to make their way around Asian countries within the next few months. The ivy league cut looks similar to the crew cut.

Flat Cut

The flat cut's most distinctive feature is the stylish straight silhouette created on the head's top and back. The flat cut is sometimes called the "chicoryander cut" in many Asian countries. It became quite a hot topic after many actors in Korean dramas sported it, and it is a style that suits working professionals and students alike.

Neo Buzz Cut                                                     

Slightly longer buzz cuts are trending in the US, Europe, China, and Korea – and the neo buzz cut is no exception. Many famous soccer players who participated in the Qatar World Cup have adopted this short style and spread it onto the street-style scene.

Perm, Curly Hair

Curly perm hairstyles are an excellent way for men to break free of the monotony of COVID-era hairstyles. They manifest longing for release from the restrictions of lockdown. It’s a very appealing trend, especially when you add silky curls to a comma or curtain style that is being grown out.

Curly Undercut

The curly undercut has a distinct ridge, making it stand out from other short styles. The idea of adding extra dimension to hairstyles popped up during COVID when the only thing visible to others was a man's hair. Some adopters of the curly undercut include numerous players of the World Cup

Curly Medium Mullet

The curly medium mullet is a variation of the modern mullet that uses a curly texture. While it's safe to assume that medium mullets will be increasing in popularity this year, we expect curly medium mullets to explode in Europe, the US, and East Asia, where salon technology has dramatically advanced over the past few years.

Korean Perm, Mash Perm

In addition to the mash style popular in East Asia and Korea, the Korean perm is a short-medium length hairstyle that works with both wavy and curly hair. You can also pair it with fades and other short-sided styles. Sea salt spray is a useful addition to this style, as it gives the hair added volume.

Curtain Bangs Popular from 2022

Curtain hair was a hit in 2022, and this year, in 2023, it's continuing to be a trend. Not only is the popularity of curtain hair continuing to hold, but it also seems to be increasing.

S-Shaped Curtain

The S-Shaped curtain hair is very similar to the standard curtain hair except that the S-shape variation sees the hair of the fringe bending inwards once and flipping back out at the ends, forming an S shape instead of the classic C shape. We recommend hard spray or sea salt spray to style the gentle curves of this style. 

Curly Curtain

Men with naturally curly and permed hair can rock this hairstyle easily, as it complements this hair texture fantastically. It requires minimal effort and works with long or short hair. In 11 addition, you can wear it regardless of how curly your hair is. If your hair is longer on the sides and back, your overall hairstyle will look more relaxed and casual, while if your hair is shorter, it will look professional, mature, and more suitable for the office. Curly curtain hair can help a man achieve a "grunge" look with sea salt spray.

Medium/Long Curtain

Medium/long curtain hair is another variation of curtain hair that can take on a "grunge" appearance. This style was trendy in the 90s – a decade that saw rock stars adopting the trend. It can be worn with wavy, curly, straight hair, left natural, or styled with sea salt sprays for extra texture.

Medium/long curtain hair grew in popularity organically during the lockdown, as men visited the salon less often and favored wearing their hair longer for convenience.

Comma - Popular from 2022

The comma hairstyle is a medium-length curtain style in which the fringe is styled towards the face to resemble a comma (“,”). The comma is popular with Korean pop artists and celebrities. It is versatile enough to be worn regardless of hair texture.

Messy Comma - Popular from 2022

The messy comma effortlessly combines K-pop and chic style. It's ideal for men with medium to long hair and those with thick, voluptuous hair. The hair should generally be tousled and unkept to achieve a messy comma. Still, the fringe should always curl inward, like in other comma variations

Crop Cut

Crop cuts are classified by their slightly longer tops and substantially shorter sides. The extended top portion of crop cuts can be curly, straight, or wavy and combined with other styles, such as fades.

2 Block Haircut/Modern Bowl Cut

Also known as the 'Korean mash,' the modern bowl cut is a modernized version of the traditional, natural bowl cut. It has a straight horizontal angle that connects the sides of the cut to the fringe in the front. You can do several fun things to achieve this style, including combining a short bowl cut with a fade. As you can see from the photo, this style is simple, easy to achieve, and works great with color.

Even More Popular Men’s Hairstyles to Try in 2023

Did any of the 17 hairstyles above help you find your next look? If not, don't worry! To help you find the best style for your hair, we've compiled men's classic hairstyles below that will remain popular throughout 2023.

Short Hairstyles for Men

Short hairstyles can go from simple, low-key cuts to longer, more striking hairstyles. They're generally also one of the most accessible types of haircuts to work with, but you'll need to frequent your local barbershop if you're looking to keep up with the look.

Short Quiff Hairstyles

The quiff is one of today’s most popular trending hairstyles — especially among teens and
young adult men. It’s a safe pick for anyone looking for a cool hairstyle.

Textured Quiff Mohawk

“Quiff” refers to hairstyles that combine different aspects of various older hairstyles. It often features aspects of both the flattop and pompadour of the 1950s and/or the mohawk. It effectively takes the best aspects of these styles and combines them, transforming them into something new entirely. When you have a quiff style, its shape is very important. That’s why it’s necessary to have a variety of styling products on hand — especially if you like to be active or spend time outdoors. It’s a fairly demanding shortcut, but it’s well worth it if you ask us.

Short Curly Quiff

An alternative to the regular quiff, the short curly quiff does more in terms of offering a natural-looking quiff cut. It uses the curliness and messy nature of one’s own hair and doesn’t rely so heavily on hair products.

Low Undercut Hairstyles

Quiffs are good hairstyles for men who want to try going short, however, they aren’t the shortest styles on the market. There are, in fact, plenty of styles that are even shorter and thatrequire very minimal effort to look good. These styles have an undercut, which is a type of buzz cut that is done on the sides and back of the head. Today, we’re talking about low undercuts, which aren’t as neat and tidy as middle or high fades but are simpler and more natural in appearance

Low Fade & Hard Part

If you’re looking to stand out without using your hair, opt for a hard part. As its name suggests, this parting method involves parting the hair at the side and top. Often, the hard part is paired with the low fade, which has the sides and back of the hair fading towards the edges of the hairline. This gives the hard part the space it needs to stand out and give you a classy, modern hairstyle

Short Curly Haircut & Low Drop Fade

An awesome cut to add to the list if you have curly hair, this hairstyle focuses on looking neat and polished. It might sound like a challenge, but this style manages to pull it off quite successfully.

Curly hair is best left curly, and as such, you’ll want to complement it with a natural style. Straight, low fades don’t do the trick — they don’t blend well enough with the curls at the top of the head so drop fades are used instead. By fading behind the ears, this style gives off a natural vibe that pairs well with the curls.

Mid-Fade Haircuts

Mid-fades are fades that aren’t too small to be considered a low fade and aren’t too big to be called a high fade. They’re the perfect mid-range option for someone who can’t decide which kind of fade he wants. They’re also less severe than the high fade but still offer a neat, polished finish that those very fades are known for.

Short Textured Quiff & Mid Fade

We’ve already gone over quiff haircuts, but they weren’t combined with mid fades, like in this style. Quiff haircuts are incredibly versatile, as they can look rugged and manly or neat and tidy depending on how they’re combed or styled.

High and Tight Fade Haircuts

The high fade is a guaranteed standout, because the exposure of the scalp makes it hard not to look at it. If fades could talk, the high fade would be the loudest. But that's not all it does — with little to no hair on the sides, the high fade helps focus people's attention on your eyebrows and facial hair. 

High Temp Fade & Short Spiked Wavy Hair

Looking to add some extra edge to your style? Look no further than a spiked hairstyle. At first glance, spiked short hair might look like a quiff or a fauxhawk, but there is a difference – and that is how the hair is positioned. Spiky hair is styled upwards, giving it the name “spiked hair”.

If you choose to adopt this style, we recommend using a gel, wax or pomade for the best results. You’ll need something firm enough to hold the spikes all day, and, luckily, any of these products will do just that.

Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawks have long been the staple of boy bands, rockstars, and men who pride themselves on looking cool. Typically, the mohawk hairstyle has both sides of the head shaven or very short, with a strip of hair down the centre of the head that is long and styled into spikes. Nowadays, the modern mohawk is often curly, wavy, tousled, or purposely made to be more messy and natural.

Short Mohawk & Fade

You know what the mohawk is and likely know a thing or two about fading as well, but have you heard of the mohawk fade? If not, you’re missing out! This short style provides you with all the things you love about the mohawk and all the most popular aspects of the fades that everyone wants.

This style is easy to maintain and can be customized to suit your unique likes and dislikes, as
well as your chosen profession.

Short & Spiked Mohawk

If you aren't sure what to get at all, then try going for a short and spiked mohawk look. It's not too bold, not too low-key, is relatively low-maintenance, and can even be styled into other hairstyles when grown out thanks to the top not being much longer than the sides.

Faux Hawk

If you’re not a fan of the bold statement that the mohawk makes but still enjoy the general premise of the look, there is a more low-key, relaxed alternative that could work for you. It’s known as the faux hawk, which is a less defined version of the mohawk.

Spiky Mohawk

The spiky mohawk follows closely in the footsteps of the classic mohawk, but it has a more modern appeal. First of all, it looks much neater due to the way that it’s styled. It also tends to be thicker than the classic, punk-rock mohawks we’re used to seeing, which gives the hair more volume.

High Fade Mohawk

A combination of the mohawk and the ever-stylish high fade, the fade mohawk is gaining popularity with both young and old generations. The mohawk can be any length, which is what makes it such a great option. In this style, however, the fade is high, meaning it follows a clean, straight line as it goes back from the forehead, becoming shorter as it moves towards the back of the neck.

Short Comb-over Hairstyles

Short comb-overs were designed to be paired with a tailored suit, some nice shoes, and a day at the office. The short-comb over never goes out of style and has been in fashion since it first became popular.

Classic Short Comb-over

One of the cleanest, most polished styles on this list, the classic short comb-over has us thinking of a child having his hair styled for his class photo or piano recital. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the comb-over is childish – in fact, we’d argue that it’s a very classy, manly style, as many CEOs and important businessmen can be seen rocking it.

Crew Cut Hairstyles with High Fade, & Full Beard

Crew Cut, High Fade & Full Beard

Are you proud of your beard? Are you looking to have it stand out? Then this is the hairstyle for you. The crew cut has been and will likely always be a simple style that’s ideal when paired with facial hair that you’re looking to draw attention to. When you add a high fade to the look, your beard turns into the centre of attention. 

Side Swept Crew Cut

This is a great example of how a small adjustment can mean all the difference when you think of popular haircuts. The side-swept crew cut is a modification of the classic crew cut, with the only adjustment being that the hair is swept to the side. Voila!

Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Popular among athletes, buzz cuts are shorter than the crop, their distant cousin. They are often paired with side fades.

Buzz Cut Fade

A simple style that looks great on almost anyone, the buzz cut fade uses the classic structure of the buzz cut and transforms it. It’s made more eye-catching by the addition of a fade that starts at the length of the buzz cut and gets shorter as it moves towards the top of the head.

Buzz Cut with Beard

A buzz cut and beard pairing are bound to get you some extra attention – there’s just something about this style that boosts a man’s masculinity and gives off an air of toughness. Pairing a buzz cut with a beard is a simple hairstyle trick that should be kept in mind.

Other Short Hairstyles for Men

Haven't found any short hairstyles that you like yet? Fear not, we have a few more options that don't really fall under any category so far but are stylish enough to be featured here.

Short Pompadour

Named after a mistress of a former king of France, the pompadour is now used to refer to a men's hairstyle that's similar to a comb-over, only that this time the hair is combed backward rather than to the side. 

As a side note, pompadours are just as versatile as comb-overs. They're great when combined with different fade lengths and even side parts. Just be sure to use the right pomade or wax if you're planning on getting this hairstyle as some may find that their hair returns to its natural shape after a while.

Flat Top

If you've played any of the Street Fighter games, you probably recognize this haircut from the character Guile. The flat top is a particular type of hairstyle that gets its name from the flat shape of the hair on top. Flat tops can be short, medium, or long, depending on personal preference and how well the hair can be held up with gel or pomade. 

Curly Flat Top

While the flat top is usually associated with straight hair, curly flat tops are its own thing. Often not as long as a straight flat top, a curly flat top shapes the curls of the hair as flatly as possible.

What's cool about curly flat tops is that they can look very different, depending on the type of curly hair. Frizzy, curly hair (the kind that you'd see in afros) can seem more voluminous. Meanwhile, the wavier variants of curly hair look messier than the average flat top.

Short Messy and French Crop

In 2023, we’re still expecting to see short styles. More specifically, short hairstyles are slowly gaining popularity as the virus settles down, both because the frequency of haircuts will increase (some men just want to say goodbye to their long hair) and because many men want to play with their hairstyle. In the same vein, they may also want to grow out their self-done short haircuts just a bit, transforming their buzz cut or crew cuts into a short messy or crop style

Short messy hairstyles are easy to pull off and can be very versatile, making them a good choice for men who work in a variety of sectors and hold various jobs. Short messy styles can be paired with other styles such as fades and beards. These styles can be worn wavy, curly, or straight, and can be cut very short or a little longer so that hair falls onto the forehead.

Short messy hairstyles can do wonders for one’s appearance when paired with tailored clothing or a personal aesthetic. For example, when paired with leather jackets, studded shoes, and bold sunglasses, short messy hairstyles make the wearer look like a rockstar.

Messy Cropped Top & Low Fade - Popular from 2022

For those looking for a messier hairstyle that involves low fades, there are few better options than the messy cropped top. Cropped tops are hairstyles that, as the name suggests, crop the top part of the hair while cutting the back and sides, usually in the form of a fade. Cropped tops are typically paired with middle or high fades, but low fades work just as well.

Low fades look best with cropped tops when they're messy. Messy cropped tops aren't well-suited with the neatness of high and middle fades, which is why they work so well with low fades. If you'd rather have a neater cropped haircut, you may want to go for a middle or high fade instead.

French Crop - Popular from 2022

The French crop isn’t for everyone. It’s an interesting mix of a traditional cropped cut and a short-to-long fringe. The top of the French crop is more voluminous than its most similar cousin, the buzz cut. Admittedly, French crops are hard to pull off, so before committing to one it’s important to know that you’re a good candidate or, at least, be aware that the French crop is a risk.

Textured Crop Top Fade - Popular from 2022

Since the crop is such a standout hairstyle as it is, it’s seriously no wonder that adding a textured top and a fade make this style go from 10 to 100 on the style scale. The textured crop top fade haircut is a careful combination of a traditional crop and a high fade. The style gets its name from the fact that the fade is so high that it almost seems to be a ‘top fade’.

With this hairstyle, the voluminous portion of the hair is textured; it might be spiky, curly or wavy, which gives the haircut an added boost of dimension and intrigue.

Scissor Crop & Mid Fade - Popular from 2022

The scissor crop and mid fade are similar to the messy cropped top, but this time with a mid fade instead of a low undercut. This hairstyle uses a scissor crop on the top of your head, which is a variation of the crop haircut. As the name suggests, the scissor crop involves the use of scissors instead of shavers to get the job done.

Combine the scissor crop with a mid fade, and you've got yourself a neat-looking hairstyle, which is perfect for men who are a little insecure about their forehead size. Don't worry, we’ve got you.

Icy Cold Young French Crop & Highlights - Popular from 2022

Not happy with the Crop hairstyles above? If you really want to stand out, this playful variation of the crop hairstyle should do the trick. French crops are already standout material, and with some extra highlights, you'll be looking younger and more colourful than usual. You can even take it one step further and dye your hair before adding highlights.

Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men

For a lot of men, the medium-length spectrum of hairstyles provides the most options. It's basically the goldilocks zone of hairstyles, as it isn't too short nor too long for the average Joe. You can quickly tell who'd look great (and not so great) in short or long hairstyles, but it's challenging to do the same for medium-length hairstyles. They work well with most face shapes and types, making them extremely popular among men.

Classic Taper Hairstyles

The classic taper cut is, in many ways, a disconnected undercut. Hair on both the back and sides of the head is tapered and relatively short while the top is slightly longer and allows for various forms of styling. This short-to-long gradient gives it the name “taper”.

Short Textured Haircut & Long Fringe

For many millennials, this particular haircut will bring back a ton of memories. Popular within the “emo phase” of the early to mid-2000s, this cut is still in fashion. A long fringe paired with a short cut looks surprisingly stylish and is versatile, too, as the short pair of the haircut can be anything from a buzz cut to a fade

Arch Fringe & Scissor Taper 

Looking to drop the shaver? Great! Why not opt for a look that’s heavy on the scissors? Taper cuts already use a longer fringe which is primarily cut using scissors – this makes adding in some extra scissors work a reasonable idea. 

This haircut can look great, but it’s important to find a barber that knows their way around a pair of scissors.

Modern Slicked-back Men's Haircut

While this slicked-back style can resemble a pompadour, the two are completely different. The pompadour does give off an air of slicked-back aesthetic, but the term “slicked-back hair” is a category of cuts all in itself.

Classic Combed-back Hairstyles

Everyone loves the classics — including the combed-back hairstyle. It requires more maintenance than a buzz cut or crew cut, but it’s almost always looked at as incredibly stylish and fashion-forward.

Confident Quiff Brush-up

The quiff can be rocked with medium-length hair too, giving off a lot of attitudes. To achieve the correct look within this style, you’ll need to have a bit of pomade or gel on hand, as well as a brush and a comb. Simply apply the product and use a bit of combing to brush up and back from the forehead. Voila — a confident quiff brush up!

Side-shaved Comb-over

If the quiff doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always opt for a straightforward combed cut like this one. With the long, voluminous comb-over and very short sides, this comb-over is the definition of fashionable. It pairs well with both casual and business attire and is fairly easy to maintain. To give your local hipster a run for his money, add in a beard or moustache.

Brushed-back Scissor Crop

Generally, scissor crops are short. But if you’ve grown your crop out or have intentionally decided to keep it a little longer, this might be the perfect hairstyle for you. All you have to do is brush out the hair on top of your head.

Mid-length Pompadour Hairstyles

Here are a few more pomp ideas for all of you out there who think that the short pomp just isn't long enough.

Modern Pompadour Undercut

If you appreciate a good head of hair, you’ll appreciate this cut. The pomp is the main attraction for this style, obviously, but the best part is that it looks great on a clean-shaven face or in the presence of a beard. Since the undercut is still popular, it’s common to pair this giant pomp with a classic undercut, which adds intrigue to the look while also giving the pomp plenty of room to be the star of the

Textured Pompadour Fade

Pompadours and fades; a combination that no one would have seen coming but continuously proves to be one of the most popular hairstyle combos among men. This textured pompadour is best done when paired with medium and high fades.

Messy Textured Pompadour & Low Fade

While low fades aren’t generally a great idea when paired with pomps, there is one exception and it’s this ultra-modern haircut. When you’re sporting a messy or wavy pompadour, a low fade compliments it well, since it is neat and tidy. Using this pairing, your pomp will have a natural and rugged, manly feel.

Classic Pompadour

The classic pomp is exactly that — a classic. If you have a pomp of any kind, it’s almost certainly been inspired by the classic pompadour. The main difference between the classic and the modern pompadour is the cut on the sides of the head, with modern pomps sporting super short sides, undercuts, or shaved sides and the classic having slightly shorter sides and a slicked-back appearance.

Undercut with Stylish Pomp

This fashionable pomp is the perfect length — not too short and not too long. Its unique length makes it great for adding volume to the hair.

Medium-Length Haircuts & Mid Fades

Here are a couple of other medium-length hairstyles that make good use of a nice mid fade. 

Medium Side-swept Men's Hairstyle

If you’d rather finger-comb than use an actual comb, a side-swept haircut is just the thing for you. With medium-length hair on the top of your head, this haircut gives you enough volume to look fashion-forward and stylish, while also keeping it short enough to be easily managed using pomade or gel.

Curly Fringe

Even though the curly fringe is a style that will likely always be in style, it’s a look that only a small percentage of men can pull off. If you’re one of the lucky few who can, then you should definitely give it a go.

Curly Fringe & Classic Taper Fade

There’s a lot going on in this hairstyle. From the youthful, fun curly fringe to the modern fade and tasteful tapering, this style draws the eye in a million different directions. Say hello to a show-stopping look.

Men's Hairstyles with Added Mess

Feeling a little wild lately? A messy hairstyle can really go well with that personality. If you've got thick hair, though, you may find it difficult to shape it the way you want. Fortunately, some styles can make you look as wild as you want without forcing your hair to stand up in weird shapes.

Side Part Hairstyles

Side parts, in a way, are more of an accessory to a hairstyle than a hairstyle in itself. For example, you can add one into a quiff, a slicked-back haircut or even a pomp if you're feeling daring. There are plenty of reasons to throw in a side part, since they make your top more pronounced while presenting a cleaner look.

Relaxed Side Part - Rising Popularity

A relaxed side part is the less severe, more natural-looking cousin of the classic side part. It suits just about any face shape and works the best on medium-long, and has been getting popular in recent years.

Natural Hairstyles

Natural Bowl Cut

Though bowl cuts were at their most popular during the ’80s, there are still renditions of them that pop up today. The natural bowl cut can make a great hairstyle, provided that you have the face shape for it and the time to maintain its length in order for it to keep its signature round shape.

Bowl Cut with Short Bangs

Yet another variant of the modern bowl cut, this shorter-fringe bowl cut has the fringe stopping just above the eyebrows. Its signature feature is the straight, forward line that runs from the ears and across the forehead.

Bowl Cut with Side-swept Bangs

If the regular bowl cut doesn’t interest you, mix it up a bit! Instead, keep your fringe a little longer and direct its flow to the side of your face by running your fingers through it. A simple side sweep is a great way to transform a basic bowl cut into something more modern and exciting.

Guile Cut

The guile cut is trending among South Korean men. It is a mixed hairstyle with prominent sides, which are achieved by using both clippers and a razor. Adopters of this style can utilize their natural hairline and hair growth pattern, making it one of the most naturalistic styles on our list.

Medium Haircuts for Men

Natural Waves Medium-length Men's Haircut

While it’s impossible not to appreciate a hairstyle that takes a lot of time, it can sometimes be best to let your hair do all the hard work. This hairstyle lets your hair do the hardest part, requiring nothing more from you than a light combing.

Ear Tucked Part

As a basic style that uses either a side or middle part and has the wearer tucking both sides of the part behind their ears, this style shouldn’t and doesn’t require a lot of effort to achieve. It’s ideal for those with medium to long hair as well as those who have naturally wavy hair or a long fringe.

Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hair isn’t for everyone — especially those who live in warm climates or who lack the time
and patience to style and maintain it. But if you’re interested in making a statement with your
hair, long is often one of the best ways to go.

Hairstyle for Long Wavy or Curly Hair

Long Curly Hair Fade

The long curly fade is a contemporary style that complements its wearer’s confidence. It’s a powerful way of embracing the aesthetic of natural curls while also keeping your hair care routine short, sweet, and simple. By leaving some length on top, you’re able to show off your curls, while the undercut and fade on the sides work to emphasize the look.

Longer Men's Hairstyle for Curly or Wavy Hair

If you've got curly or wavy hair, one of the best ways to show it off is by just letting it all down. It never hurts to keep it simple, and with curly and wavy hair, you don't need any elaborate hairstyles to stand out. Just be prepared as you'll need good hair products and regular combing to maximize the look. 

As a complement to your long hair, you can grow out your moustache or beard to match. You could go for a simple, minimal look or a more elaborate look like the anchor beard shown in the picture. If you'd rather just get a clean shave, then that works fine too.

Modern Undercuts & Longer Hairstyles 

If you want something longer, fancier than short undercuts, but are not interested in something as simple as growing your hair out and calling it a day. Then we’d recommend undercuts paired with longer hair — the perfect combination. 

Undercut with Long Tousled Top

Tousled hair can make you stand out, however, it can also be challenging to pull off. To achieve a look like this, you’ll need long, thick hair and a handful of products including a matte hard wax. When it comes to styling a tousled look, take your time to get the hang of it as it’s important to find the perfect balance between classy and messy.

Side Swept Undercut

Side-swept undercuts are the little cousin of the tousled hairstyle. Instead of having to toss your hair around and risk creating knots, this style involves only a comb and some good pomade. As the name suggests, this cut features long hair that’s been combed to the side, as well as an undercut on the sides of the head.

Long Spiky Hairstyles & High Skin Fade

Yeah, undercuts are cool and all but if you’re the type of person who prefers a clean-cut style, then high fades are a great alternative. These cuts erase almost all of the hair on the sides of your head, allowing the eyes of everyone around you to be drawn to the top of your head, where the volume and intrigue is.

Long Hair Slicked Back & Shaved Sides

The long, slicked-back style is one of the most popular hairstyles that frequently makes use of high fades. Chances are that you’ve seen a number of men on the streets who sport this style, and if you have, you probably agree with us when we say that this style oozes manliness and confidence. Since there is no hair on the sides, the slicked-back top hair gets all the attention.

This style looks great on its own but also goes well with a beard or beard-mustache combo.

Samurai Haircut (Top Knot or Man Bun)

Loosely based on the traditional hairstyles of the Japanese samurai but known for being “hipster” and cool today, the man bun is both high-fashion and manly. When paired with a high fade and some facial hair, this style screams confidence, relaxation, and laid-back, good vibes.

If you’re looking into adopting the man bun, be sure to have the products you need on hand. In addition to any styling products you like, you’ll also need an assortment of hair ties, varying in size based on how large you want your bun.

Longer Natural Flow Hairstyle & Short Sides

Low Fade & Long Curls

Long curls with a low fade might be the perfect style for you if you like the natural look. If your hair is naturally curly, this style does wonders to enhance its appeal by leaving those luscious curls untouched. This is a similar style as tousled but gives a more natural atmosphere while being less disheveled-looking.  

Haircuts for Long Hair

Long Hairstyle & Beard

Long hair is great, but sometimes you just don’t know what to do with it! Perhaps you’ve grown attached to it or are hesitant to change your signature look. Regardless, there’s nothing that says you have to cut your long, hard-grown locks. Instead, why not just grow a beard?

Beards and long hair have gone hand-in-hand for decades and continue to stand the test of time. They are a pairing that makes the wearer look manly and carefree, but also make him look stylish and professional when paired with the right outfit.

Man Bob

Typically, the bob features straight, jaw-length hair and may or may not include a fringe. In the case of the man bob, this style is set apart from the traditional woman’s bob with the addition of thick, hipster-like glasses and/or a beard. 

Johnny Depp, an American actor who’s known for his role in the ever-popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, is known for rocking this style, with a long bob that hits his shoulders and falls straight down.

Men’s Hairstyles FAQ

Which haircut is trending right now for men?

The modern mullet is trending for men around the world right now. The modern mullet is typically an alteration of the traditional fade/undercut style, with longer hair at the back of the head. Its roots return to the Y2K wolf-style movement. But really, any modern haircut with a longer back is considered a modern mullet, so it’s highly versatile!

How do I tell my barber what I want?

If you're switching up your hairstyle for the first time, you might wonder how you'd specify to your stylist what you're looking for in a haircut. The first step is telling your barber the style you want by name. For example, you might say, "a crew cut." When you go in for your appointment, bring a photo or two of the style you want the stylist to recreate.

The stylist can look at your head shape, face contours, and hair texture to adjust the style to suit
you best. 

Be sure to communicate with your stylist as the cut is underway.

How do I know which hairstyle suits me?

To determine which cut will look good on you, you need to figure out which face shape you have and then search for flattering styles on that shape. Once you find one that you like and that suits your face shape and jawline, feel free to bring it to your stylist for a second opinion.

What is the easiest haircut to maintain?

Typically, shorter, barber-style haircuts are the easiest to maintain for the long term. They tend to require more frequent trips to the salon but less time on a daily basis. For longer styles, the opposite is usually true.

Step Up Your Style Game in 2023 with These Men’s Hairstyles

The right hairstyle can make you look more attractive and showcase your killer personality. Anybody with a proper haircut and the right clothes and accessories can expect to become a head-turner. You don't even have to go overboard with your style! Simple, low-key haircuts are enough to turn heads, so long as they suit you. 

While having the right cut is the foundation of a proper hairstyle, using the right products to achieve the entire look is equally important. Each hairstyle has particular needs, and everybody's hair is unique. 

Over many decades, we have developed products designed to tackle, transform and complement men's hairstyles. Whether you need an easy-to-use pomade, wax, clay, gel, or hair spray, GATSBY has you covered.