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8 Hair Care Tips for Men

We always say that a man’s hairstyle is the most important part of his look, because it’s a reflection of how he takes care of himself. Having a well-groomed hair and stylish hairdo gives you self-confidence wherever you go and whomever you talk to.

With this, we’re going to list eight simple steps you can do to take care of your hair.

#1 Wash your hair

Man washing his hair

Washing your hair and using shampoo everyday may remove natural oils in your scalp and expose your hair to harmful chemicals. You get a free pass here because men should wash their hair only 3 to 4 times a week!

On the other hand, men who extensively use hair styling products everyday should rinse their hair daily to prevent build-up of dirt and residue in their scalp. 

#2 Get a haircut regularly

Man getting a haircut

A haircut is a surefire way to spice up your hairstyle and feel fresh and confident. After the emergency quarantine period, it would be a good idea to find a good barber that can fulfill your haircut idea.

Having a hard time finding the special barber that has extensive knowledge of hairstyles for men? Check out our guide on how to determine if the barber you have right now is the one for you!

#3 Towel-dry hair correctly

Man drying his hair

GATSBY Gents should be gentle and pat their hair until it dries with a clean towel instead of aggressively wiping it. Recklessly wiping your hair may cause damage and may even lead to hair loss.

#4 Wear a swimming cap when dipping in a pool

Man swimming in a pool

Chlorine has adverse effects on the hair, removing natural oils that protect the hair and scalp. To avoid this, wear a swimming cap or just avoid dipping your head in the pool for too long.

#5 Don't overdo the hairdryer

Barber hairdrying a client's hair

Some men use blow dryers too often, damaging their hair and can even lead to hair loss. To avoid this, put the power of the blow dryer on the lowest setting, or better yet, just let it air dry for a more natural, healthy hair.

#6 Avoid touching your hair too often

Man touching his hair

Touching your hair too often, especially with dirty or greasy hands, might lead to frizz and breakage as your fingers can steal away essential oils from your hair and replace them with dirt.

#7 Determine what type of hair type you have

Man smiling

Knowing what type of hair you have can make or break your hair care routine. Those with curly and long hair must use more conditioner or hair relaxer while men with straight and thinning hair should not put too many products such as shampoo in their hair.

#8 Only use trusted brands on your hair

GATSBY product

Lastly, you want to use a hair product that is trusted and used by millions of young men. GATSBY offers a wide range of hair products that not only gives you the style you want, but also the safety and protection that you need.

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