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4 Ways to Spice Up Your Life

Going on a milk tea date? Preparing for an oral defense? Or just plain hanging around with your friends after school? Our generation today has got so much going on in our lives. Whether it’s school, extra-curricular activities, or leisure stuff, our schedules are always full.

Sometimes it can get monotonous too. With the daily grind, it’s easy to forget about looking in the mirror and making sure we look ready for the day. Just throw on whatever’s available in the closet, rub your hair dry, and that’s it! 

Of course, we understand what your generation needs right here, right now.

What we want is a classical, simple, and clean look that also expresses our personality, especially in our hair. We might have to wear uniforms or choose practical clothes but our hair is always under our control. No matter the kind of activities we have planned for the day! We’re really all about making sure you’re confident when you step out the door into the world.

So, where do we start?

As the leading men’s grooming brand in Asia, we know that different hairstyles have very different needs. There is no such thing as one pomade that can create every style. Some will need more holding power or more shine while others will need less.

That’s why we created 4 new GATSBY Styling Pomades for you. Each pomade is specially designed to achieve a distinct look. 


Do you want to look great in every situation? 

Edward Barber Supreme Hold

Supreme Hold has powerful setting and holding power to enable you to style your hair with volume, in a neat and tight way. It’s perfect for creating the always versatile pompadour.


Are you looking for a neo-classic look that’s guaranteed to increase your class and elegance? 

Edward Barber Supreme Grease

Try Supreme Grease. It has the highest grease effect among all four Styling Pomades, making it ideal for forming tight and straight styles like the slicked back. 


Want to sweep people away with your natural charm? 

Edward Barber Urban Dry

Urban Dry is the one you need. Its non-sticky, oil-free formula helps you create tight and natural flows on your hair. It’s amazing at creating the side-swept style. 


Need something that can rise to the occasion? 

Edward Barber Perfect RIse

Perfect Rise enables you to become perfect without effort. Its impressive setting power can help your hair to stand up while adding just enough shine to stand out. It’s great at creating an edgy quiff.

How do they compare? Check this handy chart!

GATSBY Styling Pomade chart

The 4 Styling Pomades are easy to wash and style, they smell great, and they’re within your reach. They’re the perfect hair styling product to spice up your life. Affordable sachets and jars can be found near you. Click here to know where to buy!